Real Estate Revolution

Connecting vendors, buyers and agents over a fast, flexible and free global listing network.

It’s 2017, and consumers have spoken

Traditional methods used to buy and sell real estate have failed to keep pace with public expectations and advances in technology. Participants in the property game are forced to deal with online listing services that charge excessive fees and subject visitors to intrusive advertising.

These Multiple Listing Services monopolise the market. They dictate fees and conditions. And they capture vast amounts of personal data that they commoditize to boost their profits.

But that’s all about to change

Welcome to REX, a revolutionary new global listing platform where it’s free to list and search for properties. A platform where you won’t be bombarded by ads. Where you’re in control of your own data. Where transactions take days, not months. A platform that pays you to participate.

Features Include


Search real estate listings globally, for free!


Get paid for contributing data.


Transact in days not months.

Connect Vendors

At REX, our mission is to connect vendors, buyers and agents over a powerful open network that rewards you for your contributions. REX combines three innovative technologies – The Blockchain, Data Distribution and Digital Currencies – to create the world’s most advanced Global Real Estate Listing Service. The blockchain lets us build a digital ledger of transactions and share it among decentralized nodes.

By distributing data across
thousands of computers, information
is democratized & storage becomes
exponentially cheaper.

That’s why REX is free!

Instead of money, we use a digital currency called the REX Token. Vendors and agents are paid in REX Tokens to list properties and provide market reports, property histories, and other information. These tokens can be exchanged within the platform for features such as creating a professional profile, and promoting your profile across the network.

You can even exchange REX tokens
for real-world fiat currencies

REX tokens are global, enabling worldwide participation. And because REX is hosted on a global peer-to-peer infrastructure, there are no paywalls and no access restrictions. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can list properties and view listings for free.

The 4 Phase Approach

phase 1


Building the free, open,
global database.

phase 2


Advanced database filtration using
human curation and machine learning.

phase 3


Implement title, escrow
and financial processes.

phase 4


Enable real estate transactions
and tokenized ownership.

Join the Global Real Estate Revolution

REX is disrupting the property industry, in the same way Netflix, Amazon and Uber have irreversibly transformed their respective markets. REX is the next big thing in global real estate.

Say “Hello” to the

behind the vision

Stephen King
Principal & Co-founder

Stephen King is an entrepreneur with a focus in commercial real estate and blockchain technology. Since 2013, Stephen has lead King Realty Group in Princeton, New Jersey and participated in tens of millions in real estate transactions. Stephen has worked on several real estate related technology startups and is the founder of Princeton Ethereum Meetup.

Russell McLernon
Principal & Co-founder

Russell McLernon is a technology strategist with over 15 years in enterprise software development and over 7 years in blockchain related development and projects. He’s a technical guru with an instinct for instantly deciphering user needs. There’s no software development or integration challenge he can’t handle.

Duke Long

Duke Long is a +20 year veteran in commercial real estate, broker and owner of The Duke Long Agency and managing Partner of PUR Ventures. He is an advisor and mentor for the NARReach and MetaProp Real Estate Technology Accelerators and has been asked to speak by CBRE, JLL, Colliers International, The National Association of Realtors, ICSC and CoreNet.

William King

William King is the founder and Executive Chairman of Zephyr Health. William is passionate about creating and investing in innovative solutions to advance efficiency, strategy and tactical problem solving at the intersection of healthcare, data, real estate and technology.

John Balian

Dr. Balian earned his B.A. degree from Columbia University and his M.D. degree from Tufts University School of Medicine. He held executive positions at Pfizer, BMS, and Johnson & Johnson. Most notably, Dr. Balian is an active real estate investor in Manhattan, New York and New Jersey.




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